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The Backcountry Hunting Podcast's intent is to inspire, educate, and entertain. Join us for hunting how-to, technical gear and hardware reviews, and some serious backcountry savvy imparted by Westerners that live and breathe hunting in wild, remote places. 

Learn. Share. Eat Meat.


Listen to learn and share. Pass the Backcountry love along. Each episode contains skills, tips, and techniques to help listeners become more effective backcountry hunters. BONUS: Get questions answered by host Joseph von Benedikt and his team by submitting them via email or on Instagram.


Stalk. Shoot. Kill Cleanly.


We place emphasis on closing the deal on a big buck or bull at the moment of truth. Learn how to choose and set up a backcountry hunting rifle that won't fail you. Learn about how bullets kill, and how to choose the right cartridge for elk, deer, moose, and bear. Most importantly, learn how to polish your backcountry shooting skills so you can make the most of fleeting, challenging shot opportunities. 


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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

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